Release Tension Using Body Scan Mindfulness Meditation

Quite often we are too late to detect stress and tension. There are quick and easy ways to do this using simple body scan mindfulness techniques. I will show you how to use certain parts of your body to quickly identify tension and stress.

Jawline for Mindfulness

Your Jaw is probably the best part of your body to detect tension. If you feel that you are getting stressed quite often then learn to pay attention to your Jaw. 

If you are relaxed, then you will notice that your Jawline is relaxed.

If you are stressed, then you will notice that your Jawline is tensed. Perhaps you will feel as though you are trying to chew something firm or stiff. Being mindful of this and relaxing your Jaw will help you to calm down your mind. 

Practice paying attention to your Jawline quite often as a checkpoint of your stress level.


Is your forehead soft and relaxed or is it tightened? When you are stressed your eye your brows furrow and deep lines appear on your forehead. 

Relaxing your forehead can help to relax your mind and release stress.

Using Your Chest and Heart for Body Scan Mindfulness

Stress hormones increase your heartbeat and breathing. Heavy breathing and a pounding heart are clear signs of tension. Paying attention to those factors can help to detect and control this situation. 

What can you do to calm down?

The best technique is to take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for a few seconds and exhale slowly though your mouth. Do this three times and you will notice good results. It is ok to inhale from your mouth in case your nose is blocked, but your nose is the better option.

Neck and Shoulders

Try this the next time you are stressed. Pay attention to your neck and shoulders. You will feel a tightness, which can be painful. Using your mind, command your neck and shoulders to relax. Let your shoulders hanging and notice your stress level reducing.

With frequent practice, you will learn to use these body scan mindfulness techniques automatically. Repetition is the key to learn how train your mind.

Be creative. You can use your smartphone or your reminders app to generate reminders and pay attention to your body parts a few times a day. 

The traditional body scan mindfulness meditation technique teaches you to scan your body from head to toe and detect sensations from different parts of your body. The techniques I have mentioned in this article is slightly different and are a shortcut version designed to use mindfulness without scanning the entire body.