You might have been discouraged from meditating due to meditation myths, misunderstanding or negative experience. Well, it is probably so because you were meditating with the wrong meaning of meditation, or you pondered the wrong way.

The good news is, meditating doesn't require you to take into consideration the myths of meditation. This is because most of the myths are irrelevant to what meditation is all about.

I know how you're feeling. But Stay with me now as we will reveal the meditating myths that you might have heard.

Common meditation myths

Meditating is the practice where you apply a technique like mindfulness, focusing your mind on a particular object, activity, or thought to train your consciousness, awareness level and achieves a mentally clear and stable state of being. 

Here are the top ten misunderstanding of meditation.

Meditation should be religiously based

One myth of meditation is that meditation can only be spiritual or religious. There is a significant distinction between religions and meditation. Meditation is a science. It is true that some religions have practiced meditation more than others. It doesn't mean that meditation belongs to a religion or must a spiritual practice.

Crossed legs while sitting

It has become a habit to cross legs while meditating. However, this sitting position is very uncomfortable. Sitting in any position is not a hindrance to meditation. You can use other seating positions, including sitting uprightly, sitting on a sturdy chair, or even on your bed. 

But while using your bed, lying down won't make the meditation process easy, except you are doing sleeping meditation.

Meditate won't work because you think a Lot

Another belief about meditating is it affects your meditation. But this is just a misunderstanding. It is general and typical to think. The process is majorly about tuning in and not tuning out. Findings have revealed that channeling your inner thinking to a singular point helps in strengthening your brain muscles.

Meditating is only done in silence

Though there are different types of meditation, one of which is the vipassana. It requires subtle and artificial free breath. This is why many people think meditation is done in silence. 

However, you can easily meditate while walking, humming, singing, or even running. The secret is to go beyond your usual ruminating mind and focus your attention on your breath.

Meditation means relaxing

People have the conviction that meditating always makes them calm and feel better. Unfortunately, they are not aware that it causes dysregulation and uncomfortable feeling because it might probably be your first time sitting with inner experience.

Meditation doesn't work while your mind wanders

Meditating isn't all about changing our inner experience; rather, it's honing one's internal ability to recognize different aspects of your inner experiences. As you meditate often, the more you don't get distracted by your lost thoughts. It gives you the feeling that you are in charge and free from anxiety.

Meditation is difficult to practice

Your definition of meditation matters a lot. Everyone has probably meditated directly or indirectly. Selecting the incorrect type of meditation for your personality can make it difficult. Read "I cannot meditate" article to identify the most suitable meditation for you.

Meditating weakens and softens you

The truth is meditation stops the fight-or-flight responses, making you respond instead of reacting. Contrary to conventional wisdom, meditating sharpens your ability to concentrate regardless of the situation and environment. It also heightens your performance level.

Meditation always clears mind

The fact is that meditation entails watching your mind and trying to attain a much deeper level of control of your mind's natural state. This can be done through the awareness of your thought. A quiet mind doesn't directly mean a still body.

There is only one type of meditation

Unknown to many, different types of meditation are available, but they are done differently. Some require you to sit and stay in a quiet place, while others don't require you to sit. Hence, if the sitting type doesn't work for you, you can try other styles and meditate. Visit types of meditation to learn more about different types of meditation.


There are a lot of myths and misunderstanding about meditation that keeping people away from meditation. If you have a doubt, then it is always do a research on the Internet or ask a person who has experience in meditation before giving up. Any myths or hurdles are not enough reason not to enjoy the benefits of meditation.