Mindfulness Activities for Teens

Are you a teenager or a parent of a teenager? There are few special ways to teach or learn mindfulness activities for teens. From now onwards I will be directly addressing teens.

The mindfulness exercises on this page have been designed to coordinate with what you like to do in your teenager life. Such as:

  • Listening to music
  • Walking and exercising
  • Socialising with others
  • Food

So, you won’t feel board but will enjoy doing it. 

Why should you practice mindfulness?

When you learn mindfulness, you are aware of what’s happening. Which means you are in control of your mind and the situation. Mindfulness practices will help you to deal with stress and anxiety, especially during your adolescent stage during life. It has been clinically proven all over the world. It can also help in your studies, sports, and any task you undertake.

If you are a youth, then you know how fast your mind travels towards many different directions and topics. Remember, mindfulness is not about stopping or controlling your thoughts. Instead, it’s being aware of what’s happening and being in the present moment.

Your target should be to practice the mindfulness activities on this page frequently. Start with one activity a day and gradually increase. After a while you will automatically improve your mindfulness and will be able to be live in the present moment throughout the day.

Let’s go through mindfulness activities for teens.

Mindfulness Activity 1

Do you like music? How often do you listen to music in a day? Let’s spend a few minutes each day, listening to music, but in a little bit of a different way. You won’t lose the enjoyment, but you will also be practicing mindfulness meditation.

Pick a song. Start listening. Pay attention to each instrument. See whether you can identify and listen to each instrument such as drum, guitar etc. If you know how to play the guitar, try playing along too, but remember to focus on the instruments and maybe even the separate parts of the guitar, such the lead guitar, bass, and rhythm.

Don’t worry if you can’t do this straight away. It’s normal. Just keep trying. There is no time limit or deadline. Take your time to practice this mindfulness activity.

This mindfulness activity will help your mind to stay with you instead of running all over the world while music is playing in the background, especially for youths. Eventually you will learn how to apply this practice for your daily life, especially in stressful moments. I will explain a bit more about this towards the end of the article.

Mindfulness Activity 2

What do you usually do while walking? You might have your music playing loud, or you might be thinking about other worries and/or have different thoughts in your mind. Let’s see how to use walking as a mindfulness activity. 

Next time when you walk, remove your headphones or ear buds/air pods. Be aware of what you see, hear, smell, and feel such as wind and the temperature. 

What can you see? People, buildings and houses, trees, birds, the walking path etc. Pay attention to these things. Live in the moment. Enjoy the walk rather than letting your mind run all over the place without any awareness. Me mindful.

Mindfulness Activity 3

Are you old enough to drive? If not, you probably can’t do this, unless you are a passenger in the car. The next time that you are driving, use it as an opportunity to practice mindfulness. 


Be aware of your surroundings, signal lights and road signs, the road itself, lanes. Simply be aware that you are driving. Can you feel the steering wheel? How does it feel? What’s the temperature inside your vehicle? What’s the colour of the vehicle in front of you?

There are many things you can pay attention to and be aware that will help you to live in the present moment. 

Mindfulness Activity 4

This is for teens who love fitness and workouts. This is how you can develop mindfulness while exercising. 

As you know, each exercise is meant to activate or help certain muscles of your body and improve your fitness.

Example: Squats will help to strengthen the muscles in your thighs.

Next time when you are exercising, pay attention to the muscle you want to strengthen. Feel the muscle and stay with it until you finish that particular workout. Then do the same for the next exercise and so on.

Mindfulness can bring better results from your workout sessions. Here is a good article about the benefits.

Mindfulness Activity 5

Next time when you are eating, eat slowly. Pay attention to what you are doing. Feel the taste and smell of the food. Is it warm? Is it cold? Take a moment to appreciate how mouth-watering the food looks. Be aware of every bite. 

Other mindfulness activities for teens

There are a few other things you can consider doing to develop mindfulness.

Drawing - You may think you are the worst artist in the world but keep on drawing or doing any form of art that interests you. It will help you to build mindfulness.

Colouring -¬ Colouring is a very practical way to start mindfulness for teens. The best option is to buy a colouring book. You can choose which difficulty level you would like. Alternatively, you can use any picture or a cartoon and start colouring, and even draw your own and colour it.  

Re-organizing things –  Try re-organizing your books, clothes, and furniture in you room.

Start a hobby – Hobbies such as photography will help you to become aware of what you are doing.

How do you apply mindfulness training to your daily life?

As a teenager, when you practice mindfulness activities you are training your mind to be aware of your thoughts. This will help you to deal with any situation in your life.

Example: Negative thoughts or feelings about yourself

This happens to almost everybody.

Without mindfulness practice, your mind will dominate you with these negative thoughts and you will eventually end up with very stressful situation or even anxiety.

When you practice mindfulness, you are aware of what’s happening in your mind. You can then take control of your mind before it takes control of you.

“Suffering occurs when our thoughts control us. Peace occurs when we control our thoughts” - Buddha

This is only one example. There are so many mindfulness activities for teens. Think about challenging moments in your own life as a teenager. Be aware of the situation. Be mindful of any thoughts running in your mind in any challenging moment. With practicing the mindfulness activities on this page, you will learn how to pay attention to thoughts in any challenging moment.

Feel free to contact us and ask any questions. We’re here to help you. That’s our mission.

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