How to use Mindfulness in Business

I have read autobiographies of many billionaire business owners. There are many things in common among these people. One is how they use meditation, especially mindfulness in business. Almost all successful business owners have gone through difficult times. It is clear that their mindset helped them to get through those difficult times. 

Fortune 500 companies that are using mindfulness in business

mindfulness in business

Almost all large business enterprises are promoting various types of meditation practice. Following are a few of them promoting mindfulness in business.




General Mills


Goldman Sachs

Start with why

As nicely explained by the author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek, always ask yourself why you are in business. What are the values that0 you are going to deliver to the world through your business? Always be mindful of these values. This will help you to get through difficult times.

Mindful employees

Cultivate a mindfulness culture in the workplace. That will benefit your employees as well as your business, as mindfulness will help employees to increase productivity, creativity, and innovation.

Get your employees to read the Mindfulness in the Workplace article ( and practice those simple mindfulness exercises.

Introduce “mindfulness time” for employees. This can be 5 -10 minutes a day. Ask employees to practice mindfulness during this time.

With a view to expand mindfulness abilities in business enterprise, domesticate humility. By way of practicing humility, the worker may be assisted to just accept themselves – including their precise strengths and weaknesses. Humility additionally promotes a non-judgmental stance in seeing others who they're, and additionally to keep away from overconfidence and arrogance. 

Mindfulness in business decisions

You need to make decisions every day. They could be major or minor decisions. Do you pay attention to what’s happening inside your mind when making decisions?

The primary manner to cultivate mindfulness competencies is to pick out stress and analyse your responses. Look during the last few weeks and think of 3 occasions that were especially worrying for you. Then, don't forget your response to each of these activities… did you get mad? Or did you avoid dealing with the event altogether? Or, did you sluggish down? Take a nice, deep breath and opt for a gentle walk (or fast-paced energy walk) outside, to assist clear your mind? Next, think about which of those behaviours helped you to deal with the strain. 

Bear in mind the fact that our bodies react bodily to stress – this allows you to recognize pressure, to lessen the effect of automatic responses, and feature more control, by way of deciding on the exceptional way to reply. To cultivate mindfulness abilities, practice persistence. 

As an example, don’t react to things at once. To be able to develop mindfulness, keep away from taking on the spot decisions – Alternatively, sit down with the selection. Try to discover greater facts and find out a one-of-a-kind point of view. To practice endurance, use the ‘stop’ acronym as a reminder to stop, take a breath, have a look at, and proceed. 

Mindfulness for your leaders

Are you own a large business that is being managed by a leadership team? It is a well-known fact that leaders who are practicing mindfulness deliver better results and create happy work environments. This article published by Harvard Business Review has explained how mindfulness meditation benefits CEOs. 

Encourage your leadership team to start meetings with a moment of mindfulness. This will take stress out of the meetings.

Billionaires who are practicing meditation and mindfulness

The following billionaires are famous for using meditation and mindfulness in business:

Bill Gates – Founder of Microsoft.

Ray Dalio – Founder of world’s largest hedge fund.

Oprah Winfrey – television producer, actress, author, and philanthropist.

Marc Benioff – founder and CEO of SalesForce software company.