One Minute Mindfulness Meditation

No time for meditation or struggling to start? These one minute mindfulness meditation exercises is an easy way to start your mindfulness journey. Each meditation will help you to be in the present moment without thinking the past or the future. Mindfulness is about be aware of what's happening and be an observer without any judgment.

Ok let’s start.

Meditation 1

You are reading this article on a computer screen or on a mobile device. Pay attention to the space between your face and the screen of the device. Be aware of the air and the very light pressure the air is putting on your face. Can you sense it? It doesn’t matter if you don’t sense anything. What’s important is to be aware of the moment and stay with it for a minute.

Are you addicted to social media? The above mindfulness exercise is a great way to break nonstop browsing and staring at the screen.

Meditation 2

Breathing and meditation goes hand in hand. In this 1 minute mindfulness meditation exercise we are going to pay attention to your stomach area with every breath you take. Breath normally and be aware of the movement of your stomach. Stay with this about 1minute.

Why stomach?

Stomach movement with breathing is easy to detect. This will help to keep the mindfulness going.

Meditation 3

This one minute mindfulness exercise is somewhat similar to a focused breathing meditation. However, the intention is different. What you have to do is pay attention to inhale and exhale. Your 1 minute start with this. Then find the place where air is touching inside your nose while inhaling and exhaling. The place can vary from person to person. And also, can vary for the same person different times of the day. Once found, pay attention to that place and be an observer. Feel the warmth of the air when touching inside your nose.

Some people may not detect the place where air is touching inside the nose. That’s perfectly ok. Trying to find the place and being aware of that is also part of your 1 minute mindfulness meditation.

Meditation 4

The intention of this mindfulness meditation is to be aware of the surrounding for a minute. What you have to do is to listen and try to identify all types of sounds that you can hear. It may be the clock ticking, someone is talking, sound of a vehicle, a dg barking etc. Keep listing and try to detect more and more sounds for 1 minute.

The best way to use one minute mindfulness meditation

As you can see, the above 1 minute mindfulness exercises are very easy to practice. The key to get best results is the frequency. If you can do these short but powerful meditation exercises more frequently then you will get better results. Start with once a day and try to increase the frequency.